#HottestMC Produced By Harry Fraud (DANNY BROWN)

https://soundcloud.com/xdannyxbrownx/hottestmc-produced-by-harry (link to song)



Danny Brown has just released a new single for what we hope to be part of his new album entitled ‘OLD’. 

Instantly we can tell that the production is faraway from XXX and resembles more something from an entrance to a Tarantino film with a distinct ‘western’ feel to it. However, his manic rapping remains just as potent with the lyrics still including much drug and sex references, but who doesn’t like that.

Maybe intentionally or not, but the song has a definite ‘New York’ feel to it and even pays homage to Big L destructive flow when he says ‘Big L getting upset and tornadoeing trees’

Overall it’s a strong song to add to an already diverse and weird collection of music.